Fraser Figure Skating Club

Learn to Skate

Please contact for more information about the basic skills program.

Welcome to our skating school! Fraser Hockeyland is one of the Learn to Skate top arenas, and we are proud to offer the most comprehensive program in the Metro Area. The Skating School offers group lessons for tots, youth, teens, and adults (ages 3 to adult). Lessons are offered year-round.

The Group Lesson teachers are very proud to be members of the United States Figure Skating (USFS).

Information: Please read the material on our table set up in the lobby in front of Sprite rink during group lesson classes. We will have information on our activities, ice shows, fundraiser, ice cancellations, etc. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Watch the lobby bulletin board for notices of New Semester, Ice Cancellations, Office Hours, Competitions, New Information, etc. The bulletin board is located to the left of the entrance to Sprite rink on the cork board.


Annual registration fee: There is an annual $12.00 program registration fee payable the first registration of the current year between June and the following May of the following year.

Please note: we want to accommodate our current skaters first, but you must re-register for each session as soon as possible. All sessions will be filled on a first-come basis. Skaters registering before the posted deadline will receive $5.00 off registration.

Placement in groups is done according to either the student's demostrated ability, or previous testing accomplishments. Skaters, ages 7 to adult, new in lessons will be placed in Basic 1. Skaters ages 3-5 with no previous lesson experience, will be placed in Snowplow 1. Skaters will be evaluated the first week of class and advanced if they demonstrate they can perform the skills at the test level.

Name badges: Skaters will be issued name badges at the beginning of each new semester. These badges must be worn to class each week. There will be a $1.00 replacement fee for any lost badge. Skaters should keep these badges and wear them to class each week. The badges are collected at the end of the semester, as new ones are issued the beginning of each semester; they indicate your instructor and lesson time.


Single blade, lace-up skates are necessary, with firm ankle support. Velcro closures do not give support. Hockey skates or Figure Skates may be worn. They should fit properly, not too large. Skaters should dress warmly; long johns or tights under jeans or sweatpants, short jackets or warm-up suits, and gloves or mittens. Helmets are mandatory for all snowplow skaters and recommended for basic skaters ages 6-7 years of age (bicycle helmets are acceptable, except for the Hockey skill class, must have hockey helmets).

The basic skills of ice skating are taught in Group Lessons on specific test levels. A list of skills taught at each test level is available in the Basic Skill/Club office located on the second floor (please take the elevator). Test Badges may be purchased upon successful completion of each Test Level. Testing is done during the last class of each semester.

Snowplow lessons for ages 3-6 include 25 minutes of group instruction. Snowplow lessons for your tot are designed for 3-5 year olds who are independent and do not mind being separated from their parents. It is recommended, you may want to bring your child to an open skating session to determine if they are capable of remaining on the ice for the 25-minute session with the instructor. These are group lessons, tots are taught as a group, not on an individual basis.

Basic 1 to Basic 8 is for skaters ages 7 to adult, or younger skaters who have successfully completed our snowplow program. All skaters have the option of private instruction in addition to group lessons. Skaters passing Basic 5 are eligible to join our Club. Please ask in the office if you have any questions, or our director, Mel Chapman.

Private lessons are available to skaters at all levels who wish extra help beyond Group lessons. Private lessons may be scheduled during the practice portion of your group lesson (if coaches are available), or on club ice in our Junior Club program. Professionals (coaches) are contacted by the parent of the skater who is to receive the private lesson. Rates vary per professional (coach), but for basic skill skaters in our program the rate is approximately $10.00 for 15 minute private lesson or $20.00 for 30 minutes of Junior Club. A list of current professionals is available on our website. If you need assistance in securing a private coach, please let us know in the office, email us, or contact our Director, Mel Chapman. We will be happy to assist you in securing a private instructor.

Practice sessions: When students are interested in competing, private lessons, etc. we have available two options. Skater may receive a lesson on their practice portion of group lesson ice, only if a coach is available. We recommend this option for lower levels of skill skaters, as it is usually more crowded with the group lesson skaters and you can only utilize half the ice surface. Skaters can not learn a competition program on this ice, only skills. If your skater is interested in competition, we recommend Junior Club as defined below.

Cancellations and Make-up Classes

Cancellations: A $15.00 processing fee will be assessed for any cancellation prior to the starting of the first semester class. There will be no refunds once the semester has begun!.

One make-up class (not including cancellations received from our program) is allowed during each semester. Classes are made up during any other scheduled class times in the current semester. The Basic Skill/Club office will issue a coupon on the day you come for your make-up class. It is recommended to call the office at 586-294-4132 as to the availability of your test badge level. Skaters must come to the office on the day of make-up; you must have a coupon to attend a class you are not registered for. You will receive a make-up coupon to attend class indicating your level and instructor for that particular day. The registration fee is not pro-rated if you register late. You will be allowed to make-up your missed class (classes).


Junior Club: Junior Club is for the skater who would like private instruction. Private instruction is very beneficial to all skaters as it is one-on-one instruction. You may just want to try it, and schedule one lesson with a coach of your choice or you may want to set up weekly skates with the coach, which is recommended. This is flexible as to our schedule and the coach of your choice. You arrange a 30 minute time period with a coach of your choice. The skater must have a 30 minute lesson with the coach. Skaters who have not joined the club, are not allowed to skate without the coach present. The ice time cost is $9.00 payable to the ice monitor. If not available, please pay your drop in fee to our Director, Mel Chapman. The coach fee is $20.00 payable directly to the coach that taught the lesson. You may arrange your 30 minutes on any club ice surface. Please see the schedule on the website, from your coach, or available in the club office upstairs.

Club eligibility: All skaters passing Basic 5 test level are eligible to join our figure skating Club. Forms are available in the Club office, or visit our office for information or to inquire. We are here to assist you and answer your questions. We want a positive experience for all our skaters as well as their parents. You must join the Club once you have successfully completed Basic 8.


Competition: Basic Sill competitions occur in the Metro area throughout the year. Skaters may compete at all levels beginning with Snowplow. Please ask your private lesson coach for competition availability. The coach will give you the form to complete and mailed, directly to the completion rink with the appropriate entry fee and signatures. Forms have an entry deadline, so be sure to check the form carefully to submit timely.


Regional Send-off / Spooktacular Ice Show: This is held in October. We wish our Club skaters attending the Regional competition "Good Luck" as they skate their number in the show. All Basic skill skaters are encouraged to participate in this show. Skaters can elect to skate to music of the season with the assistance of a private coach, or we offer a "highlight" number, which will showcase a few of their skills. There is a minimal fee for participation and admission to watch the performance.

Christmas Show: Sponsored by the Fraser Figure Skating Club in Mid-December. It features both Basic Skill skaters as well as Club skaters. Skaters will perform in costume or holiday attire to music of the season. All skaters in our program are encouraged to participate, and all families are invited to attend this festive event, even if your skater is not performing in the show. There is a minimal fee for participation and admission to watch the performance.

Springtime on Ice Show: This show is held in Mid-May. Registration to participate in this show is done with a separate fee. Forms are mailed or usually available in November and due in December or January. Please watch for information. We will have it posted or on our informational table during group lessons. All skaters who take part in the show MUST be enrolled in our basic skill group lessons for the winter semester. Measurements will be taken and costumes will be ordered for this show. This is our big show of the year.