Fraser Figure Skating Club

Testing and Results

U.S.Figure Skating tests in the disciplines of Dance, Free Skate and Moves in the Field are held at FFSC 4-5 times a year. Test sessions are generally held on a weekday. Questions regarding testing should be directed to Danielle Dresen.

Official test dates will be posted at the rink approximately three weeks before test date. Look for postings in Ontario rink or you may inquire at the club office.

Test forms must be complete, signed by a club professional and accompanied by payment. Forms are due by the date and time printed on the official posting. (Generally this is 10-12 days before test date.) In order to assure that we have an adequate number of judges present for testing no late forms will be accepted.

First and second club members (In good standing) of the FFSC have testing privileges. Out of club test applications will be considered if the testing schedule allows. There is an additional $25.00 out of club fee for these tests.

There are Bronze, Silver and Gold level judges in each of the above mentioned disciplines. Test panels consist of three judges qualified to judge that specific test. (Some lower moves test and solo dance tests may be single paneled. This is not our preference and will be done only when absolutely necessary.) The higher tests must be paneled by higher judges. While it is the goal of the FFSC to accommodate all tests, situations may arise that prohibit this. In the event that we lose a judge necessary to put out a specific test and we are not able to replace that judge, the skater may choose to do the following: 1) You may wait for the next available test 2) You may contact the test chair who will assist you in locating a test session at another club. While this is not a common occurrence, it is a reality that all clubs in this area face and the test chairs work together to make sure a skater can put his/her test out.

Test schedules will be posted near the monitor's booth in the Ontario rink. On test day please be sure to arrive one hour before your scheduled warm up. Judges have the authority to call for a test earlier than originally scheduled.